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Happy Easter! 

Phew! Anyone else feeling exhausted from this day? We had such a fun Easter though with our motley crew of friends, neighbors and family (well my sister) that filled our house today! We hosted brunch for about 14 people and it was a perfect day despite the constant rain that poured down outside all day! I just love all holidays. I love a reason to entertain and be surrounded by fun, positive people.

Emmett’s girlfriend Navah came over and they just happened to have matching bunny ears!

My little Easter hunny bunny!

We had a full-blown Bloody Mary bar set up by our neighbor…

I made my very first carrot cake which was a total success…

The boys had an Easter jam session…


And Emmett loved the bubble maker that was in his Easter basket!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter too! 

Easter Parade

Emmett was in an Easter Parade at his school today and it was the dang cutest thing I’ve ever seen. 

 He didn’t try to take his crown off once! I couldn’t believe it. 


The Sweetest Thank You

Our neighbor girl (who Emmett is obsessed with) has been begging to babysit Emmett so last night she came over to play with him for an hour while Ryan and I went to get some dessert. Don’t worry – they stayed in the playroom with no choking hazards and her parents were right next door. She did great! And it was really nice for Ryan and I to get out of the house for a little bit. Today her step-mom brought over this Thank You note that Paisley had thought to write herself. What a sweetheart! I want to keep a copy of this to show her in 5 years when she is a Senior in High School and probably totally embarrassed by this. I just think it’s the cutest thing ever. 


The Breakfast I Can’t Get Enough Of

Good morning! Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend. Our weekend highlights include having Auntie Becca over for dinner, a trip to the Children’s Museum with Marc, Maria and Navah, trying out a new pizza restaurant downtown and a girl’s night with my mom group. 

Once again, the breakfast that I’m about to share with you is not groundbreaking. But since I’m obsessed with it and literally each it once a day (sometimes for a snack or lunch) I thought I’d post about it in case you haven’t thought about this meal for a while.

The breakfast that I can’t stop eating is….Greek yogurt with granola, fruit, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of chia seeds!

Just strawberries…

Or with fresh pineapple, bananas, coconut, granola and a little honey. 

Emmett can’t get enough of this breakfast either! I call it the “Treasure Chest Breakfast” when I serve it to him because he likes to dig around in it to find his fruit. Emmett’s version is just plain Greek yogurt and fruit – no granola or honey is needed to make him gobble this up!


As you probably already know, you have to be a little careful when buying granola. A lot of granola has a lot of sugar and calories. I’m really liking this granola we bought from Costco. It has a lot of good crunch!

Have a great start to your week! 

St. Patrick’s Day

I probably should have posted this actually on St. Patrick’s Day but I was just too dang tired! I couldn’t do it. Even though St. Patrick’s Day no longer involves waking up at 7am and heading to O’Gara’s for the first Guinness, or bar hopping until 2am, I still think St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! 

I started my morning off with coffee in my grandma’s Ireland mug to really start to feel the spirit of the day, haha.

Emmett and I played dress up in the St. Patty’s gear we’ve accumulated over the years while Ryan got his hair cut.

We headed to lunch at  St. James Gate out on Folly where Emmett acted like a full-on Irish boy; flirting with the drunk girls and mesmorized by the bagpiper!

We came home and the boys had their St. Patty’s drinks of choice: Guinness and green milk!

We were invited to our neighbors’ house for an Irish dinner of corned beef and cabbage so Ryan volunteered us to bring the Irish Soda Bread. We have NOT had good luck making Irish Soda Bread in the past – it’s always so dry! However, my cousin Maddie, who went to cooking school in Ireland, had just posted her recipe for soda bread on her new food blog, The Local Ladle. Talk about perfect timing! It couldn’t have been easier to make and it was honestly the best Irish Soda Bread I’ve ever had!

Everyone was raving about it and went back for 2nds and 3rds! 

I read A LOT of food blogs, but what I’m loving about The Local Ladle is that all of Maddie’s recipes are ones that I don’t see anywhere else! They are interesting, healthy and look pretty easy to make! After the success of the Irish Soda Bread, I’m definitely going to try a couple more of her recipes ASAP (I’m eyeballing those orange cinnamon rolls for this weekend!) Check her out if you need some food inspiration!

Holidays with a kid (even drinking holidays) are just plain fun. Hope you had a fun day of celebrating yesterday too – even if it was just one beer you drank at your house after work 🙂 Happy St Patrick’s Day from our McCutie!


All Grown Up

This past weekend was a very special weekend because one of my best friends from high school, Mary, came to visit with her sweet little family! Mary and I have been been friends since we looked like this…

And this…

After college Mary and I lived together in Minneapolis. We’ve had so many fun times together! 

I’m so glad we’ve been able to stay close and be apart of each other’s lives as we’ve graduated school, job hunted for our first real jobs, met boyfriends who turned into husbands and now have had babies! 


 We spent our weekend playing with the babies, going out to eat, walking around downtown, and lounging at the beach. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from our fun weekend!






Green Eggs and…Toast!

 One of my go-to breakfasts for my family lately has been a little something I like to call Green Eggs and Toast (I think I’m so clever). This is obviously not groundbreaking but I thought I’d share it in case you’re in a breakfast idea rut like I typically am!

Basically, I just scramble eggs with finely chopped up green peppers, green onions and spinach (finely chopped so it’s easier for E to eat). Then I top my little scramble with avocados! It’s delicious and healthy. When I eat avocados with my scrambled eggs I never feel like I’m missing any cheese. Lately we are also loving this Seeds the Day bread! (Thanks Barb!)

It’s hearty and seed-y without being dry or tough. Emmett of course gets straight old wheat bread so I don’t have to worry about him choking on the seeds. 

What have you been eating for breakfast lately? Any other yummy healthy ideas for us to try?

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday morning! It’s gorgeous in Charleston today. Babygarten wore Emmett out this morning so while he takes a nap, I thought I’d share what we did this weekend through pictures!

On Saturday morning, Emmett and I met Louie and his mom Danielle at the Children’s Museum. 

We came home and Emmett played with Chance…

While I tried to fold laundry. Emmett helped by unfolding all of the clean clothes and putting them on the dog.

I broke out the Easter decorations and did a little house organizing while Emmett finally napped.

We spend a lot of time at Home Depot this weekend…


 Because we are working on getting our garden ready…


And we are putting the playroom together! It’s not totally done, but here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorite parts!

Emmett loves all of this new space to run around in and I love not having all of his toys in my living room! 

Hope you had a nice, productive weekend too!