Currently loving…

Happy Sunday morning! I decided that weekend mornings are my favorite. Lounging around the house in our pj’s for a couple hours with my boys, drinking coffee and eating delicious breakfast sandwiches made by my husband…just the best! We’re spending our day working on the new playroom today (aka: the former dog room). Before I get to work though, I thought I’d stall by posting about a couple things I’m currently loving! 

1. Emmett’s cute new jammies from Old Navy! 

I bought the ones that are on clearance for $5 and they look so dang cute on them. I’m especially fond of the polar bear set and the ninja turtles that say “Turtle Power”, haha

2.  This book! 

Once again, it’s overdue and I’m going to have to pay a fine, but I’m really liking it so it’s worth the $2. It’s about a high powered woman on Wall Street who is trying to juggle her career in a male-dominated field with her NYC family. It’s really good!

 3. My baby in a pirate cape at the Children’s Museum!   
How cute is this and how old does he look?? We just bought a membership to the Lowcounty Children’s Museum and we love it! It’s small but it is so awesome! This time I let him explore some of the bigger kid areas (including the Pirate Ship) and he had such a great time!

4. My new Chuck Taylor’s


When we were at urgent care a couple weeks ago for Emmett I saw a woman in the waiting room wearing these and I thought they were so cute! I ordered them the next day, haha. They go with everything – leggings, jeans, shorts, I love them!

5. Fuller House

Yes I’ve been watching Fuller House on Netflix all weekend and yes I’m loving every cheesy moment!

6. Nora Lynn

Most of all, I’m loving my new niece Nora who was born yesterday! We haven’t met formally yet (only on FaceTime) but I’m obsessed with her already! I’m dying to hold her – maybe a quick two day trip to Minnesota is in order. Congratulations to my little brother (!) Taylor and his strong wife Kirsten – I am so happy and excited for you! 


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