A 1st Birthday

Today we celebrated life with a memorial for Ryan’s grandma and a little bit of a birthday party for Emmett who turned one today! It was so nice to be with so much family. It really was a special day. Emmett had so much fun walking around everywhere, dancing to music, playing shuffleboard, soaking up the Florida sunshine, eating cake, and meeting some of his family for the first time!

Oh my Emmett…when the doctor first brought you to me one year ago today, I could have never guessed what our first year could turn out like or who you would become. Would you be a shy baby? Would you be a flirt? Would you give us a hard time? Would you be a daddy’s boy? So many unanswered questions a year ago. But now I know the answers! You are the sweetest lovebug that loves attention. You smile all day long and make us laugh constantly. You’re brave. You love music. You make people’s day. You make our life. I am so thankful for you and burst with pride every time I look at you. Happy first birthday Emmett James! You are the most amazing gift we could have ever received.



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