Currently loving…

Happy Sunday morning! I decided that weekend mornings are my favorite. Lounging around the house in our pj’s for a couple hours with my boys, drinking coffee and eating delicious breakfast sandwiches made by my husband…just the best! We’re spending our day working on the new playroom today (aka: the former dog room). Before I get to work though, I thought I’d stall by posting about a couple things I’m currently loving! 

1. Emmett’s cute new jammies from Old Navy! 

I bought the ones that are on clearance for $5 and they look so dang cute on them. I’m especially fond of the polar bear set and the ninja turtles that say “Turtle Power”, haha

2.  This book! 

Once again, it’s overdue and I’m going to have to pay a fine, but I’m really liking it so it’s worth the $2. It’s about a high powered woman on Wall Street who is trying to juggle her career in a male-dominated field with her NYC family. It’s really good!

 3. My baby in a pirate cape at the Children’s Museum!   
How cute is this and how old does he look?? We just bought a membership to the Lowcounty Children’s Museum and we love it! It’s small but it is so awesome! This time I let him explore some of the bigger kid areas (including the Pirate Ship) and he had such a great time!

4. My new Chuck Taylor’s


When we were at urgent care a couple weeks ago for Emmett I saw a woman in the waiting room wearing these and I thought they were so cute! I ordered them the next day, haha. They go with everything – leggings, jeans, shorts, I love them!

5. Fuller House

Yes I’ve been watching Fuller House on Netflix all weekend and yes I’m loving every cheesy moment!

6. Nora Lynn

Most of all, I’m loving my new niece Nora who was born yesterday! We haven’t met formally yet (only on FaceTime) but I’m obsessed with her already! I’m dying to hold her – maybe a quick two day trip to Minnesota is in order. Congratulations to my little brother (!) Taylor and his strong wife Kirsten – I am so happy and excited for you! 


Date Night

Ryan and I actually hired a legit, real babysitter and had a legit, real date night with just the two of us tonight! It was very long overdue and we had a great time eating and drinking our way through the Cannonbourough/Elliotbourough neighborhood of Charleston- an area we’ve never really explored before! We ate dumplings and fried chicken at Xiao Bao Biscuit, tamales at Apartment A, bone marrow and toast at Warehouse and of course pecan pie and chocolate cake at Kaminsky’s

Emmett and Chance were having a great time with the new babysitter too! Sam took this photo and showed it to me when we got home and my heart melted. 

More date nights are definitely in our future! 

Breaking the Habit

Here are some lovely abstract pictures of all of the sippy cups we currently own.

Guess which one is his favorite? NONE of them!! He’s driving me nuts! Emmett has zero interest in really drinking out of these but will chug his whole milk out of a bottle (when I finally break down after a couple hours of resisting it). He loves his bottles so much that I found him just holding the kids and sucking on the nipples…oh man.

What am I doing wrong? How can we get him to start drinking out of one of these and give up the bottle? Do I force it or let him take his time? 


Florida Weekend

A couple more pictures from a perfect weekend in Clearwater!

Emmett got some baby Crocs for his birthday from Uncle Eric and Auntie Heidi. He was so excited about them he had to give them a round of applause!


A 1st Birthday

Today we celebrated life with a memorial for Ryan’s grandma and a little bit of a birthday party for Emmett who turned one today! It was so nice to be with so much family. It really was a special day. Emmett had so much fun walking around everywhere, dancing to music, playing shuffleboard, soaking up the Florida sunshine, eating cake, and meeting some of his family for the first time!

Oh my Emmett…when the doctor first brought you to me one year ago today, I could have never guessed what our first year could turn out like or who you would become. Would you be a shy baby? Would you be a flirt? Would you give us a hard time? Would you be a daddy’s boy? So many unanswered questions a year ago. But now I know the answers! You are the sweetest lovebug that loves attention. You smile all day long and make us laugh constantly. You’re brave. You love music. You make people’s day. You make our life. I am so thankful for you and burst with pride every time I look at you. Happy first birthday Emmett James! You are the most amazing gift we could have ever received.


#TBT: Emmett’s 1st Year!

 With my baby’s 1st birthday quickly approaching on Saturday (!) I thought I’d share with you the 12 photos I took on the 13th day of every month for the past year. I’m so glad we did this – I love being able to see how he’s changed in this one fast year!





By the time we got to 11 months (the last picture) my wiggly baby would barely cooperate! 




Ps: I know I said last Saturday that I was going to tell you about our Hand, Foot, Moith Disease debacle. Well I had the post all typed up last night and it mysteriously disappeared which is probably for the best because the whole virus is kind of boring and gross. All you need to know is that we had to cancel his first birthday party and then Ryan ended up catching it too. It’s been a pretty awful week to say the least! But now we are down in Florida for the long weekend and everyone is on the mend!