Mom’s Night Out

A couple months ago I asked some fellow moms I know if they’d be interested in starting a “mom’s group”. My idea was that we could get together once a month, with or without the babies, and do something fun! Luckily for me, they were all interested and excited! Our first get-together was at a fun Asian restaurant downtown and this past Saturday we headed back downtown again to Candlefish to take a candle making class. 

Since I don’t get to go out downtown on the weekends very much, it felt good to dress up a little!


The class is BYO-bottles of wine so that automatically makes it fun! The first step is to pick your essential oil blend from their huge library. I generally lean towards more spa-like scents so the one I chose was a blend of rosemary and lavender. They walk you through the whole process of measuring out your wax, putting the labels on, getting the wick in the vessel – they made it easy! And we got to drink wine and eat cheese while we did it!

I am so grateful that I found such great friends here! We have endless things to talk about and it’s so fun to be out on the town feeling like a normal person!

On top of a perfect night out, I also got two great smelling candles out of it! I would totally recommend the class at Candlefish for anyone looking for something fun to do in Charleston! 


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