Just the Two of Us

After yesterday’s post you made be wondering how Chance is doing. Well I am here to report that he is JUST FINE. Actually he might even be better now that he’s the only dog! We’ve let him become basically an indoor dog and he gets to sit in the corner chair and be tucked into a blanket which is pretty much his favorite thing in the world.

He also gets to go on more walks because it’s easier for me to walk one dog while I push the stroller. And he and Emmett are pretty much best buds. Well at least Emmett thinks they are!

AND he gets Emmett’s dropped food all to himself. 


Life is pretty good in Chance’s world! 

2 thoughts on “Just the Two of Us

  1. That had to be so tough. I know how hard it was here for this family when it was Kirby’s time.
    Emmett looks like he is offering Chance his buddy since he lost his, so darn sweet. Take care hope your weather is OK. We are not sure what all the fuss is over a few inches of snow! HA

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