#TBT – Sammy Style

Blech. I’ve been dreading writing this post for a couple weeks now because it’s really sad but I don’t want you to feel sad for us. A couple weeks ago we made the very hard decision to put Sam down. It wasn’t one event that caused us to make this decision but the culmination of three years of owning a very very scared dog. Sam’s level of  extreme fearfulness resulted in defensiveness and aggressiveness that made him unpredictable around strangers. 

We called him Sammy Sweetheart because he was nothing but sweet to our family. He loved us and loved our baby. And he loved Chance! But he was just a ticking time bomb with other people. After trying two different dog trainers, and a lot of “second chances”, we just realized this was something we had to do. It would have been irresponsible not to. We just did not feel comfortable rehoming him to another family. He would have been terrified and it could have been a dangerous situation. 

We really truly loved our boy so much and we were devastated that it came to this. On Sam’s last day, Ryan was able to take him to the beach to run and play before the vet came. It was a sweet send off for a honestly sweet dog. 

As this blog serves as a virtual diary for me, I want to remember Sam as the cute, funny, lovable, loyal dog that he was.


We’ll never forget you Sam! 


2 thoughts on “#TBT – Sammy Style

  1. So sorry to read this post. Find comfort in knowing that you gave him a wonderful home and remember, all dogs go to heaven. 🙂

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