My blog posting skills have been a little lackluster lately. I have a lot of things to talk about but the motivation just hasn’t been there! But guess what, it’s back. I saw this post topic on another blog (Iowa Girl Eats) and thought it might be kind of fun to do. So here we go!


Time and place: 3:07pm at my desk

Cooking: I made a quick, delish take on a caprese salad for myself for lunch today. Cherry tomatoes that I roasted in the oven, fresh mozzarella pearls, basil, croutons, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Awaiting: Emmett’s first birthday party! We decided to combine his first birthday party with the Super Bowl to have an even bigger reason to celebrate. We’re even roasting a pig! It’s been fun planning and getting excited for a fun party with Emmett’s little friends and our friends and neighbors.

FullSizeRender (16)

Experiencing: So much pride in all of my baby’s recent developments! He’s walking unprovoked (ie: on his own, without us trying to coerce him into doing it), clapping, playing peekaboo, waving, dancing and giggling his little head off. I am so proud of him!

Working On: A new business venture! Stay tuned.

Reading: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. This book is 4 days overdue, but I can’t get myself to return it yet because I’m not done and I’m really enjoying it! A new perspective on WWII from the viewpoint of two sisters in France. So far, I recommend it!


Listening: My guilty pleasures are probably the pop culture podcasts I listen to every week! My current favorites are Straight Talk with Ross, Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, and Heather Dubrow’s World. Only search for these if you like pop culture/realty tv. If you don’t, these probably won’t be for you, haha.

Craving: I made these M&M cookies last week, and now that they are all gone, I am really missing them.

Hating: Not to be annoying, but I can’t really think of much I’m hating right now. Maybe the republican candidates? 🙂

Loving: The notes Emmett gets from school. Singing?? Be still my heart.


Anticipating: Double date night with our neighbors tonight! Thanks Auntie Becca for babysitting so we can go bowling!

Watching: I am privately watching The Bachelor and publicly watching (aka with Ryan) our favorite show Shameless which is back on! I have to watch The Bachelor alone, when Ryan’s not home, because he thinks it’s the stupidest, most disgusting thing on tv. I of course disagree!

Promoting: My favorite food blogs that I check every day (sorry if I’ve already told you this): Skinnytaste, Iowa Girl Eats, and Gimme Some Oven. Pioneer Woman, Averie Cooks and Damn Delicious are also some of my go-tos when I’m trying to figure out what we’re going to eat for the week!

Avoiding: Carbs. Just kidding. That never actually happens.

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