11 Months

Is anyone else crying because my baby is almost a year old? No? Just me? Well I’ll do enough crying for all of us then. Seriously, when did this infant turn into a little man?

At 11 months old, Emmett is awesome at keeping his balance and will even take a few unassisted steps toward you. Today I’d say he took like 5! Speaking of 5, he’s currently getting his 5th tooth and tries to bite you when he’s tired (it’s kind of weird and scary! Haha). He loves eating all sorts of foods and has discovered a love of orange slices!


He still prefers his formula out of a bottle so if anyone has any tips with how to transition him out of that next month and focus on solid foods I’ll take all of the advice I can get!

Emmett loves to babble (mostly dadadada) and is really starting to wave and dance to music. He’s also getting pretty vocal about what he doesn’t like. In particular, he hates getting his diaper changed and fights me on it every chance he gets. 

He is such a speedy crawler and he loves to be chased around the house which usually results with him in our bathroom! I have no idea why he loves it in there but it’s his go-to hiding spot.

Oh my sweet, funny Emmett – I am so proud to be your mama! Even though I’m a little sad that you aren’t a tiny baby anymore, I love to watch you grow up. 


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