15 of 2015

Here we are! Last day of 2015! Obviously, this year was a big year for us. The birth of our baby boy rocked our world in the most absolutely wonderful way. 2015 was full of new adventures, loving Charleston, making new friends, and soaking up this fun time as a family of three. After this amazing year, I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for us! Here are 15 memories in photos for the year 2015!

1. Emmett’s first moments in the world!

2. Baby’s first friend

3. Lots of time spent at the beach 

4. And the new pool!

5. Trip to Minnesota in June


6. Lots of visitors including Taylor and Kirsten…


7. Chris and Shirley…


8. Mandy…


9. And Maddie and Lindsey (and grandparents too many times to count!)


10. Weekend get-away to Austin

11. Baby’s 1st Halloween


12. Weekend in Alabama



13. Thanksgiving


14. Weekend in the mountains


15. And Christmas!


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