15 of 2015

Here we are! Last day of 2015! Obviously, this year was a big year for us. The birth of our baby boy rocked our world in the most absolutely wonderful way. 2015 was full of new adventures, loving Charleston, making new friends, and soaking up this fun time as a family of three. After this amazing year, I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for us! Here are 15 memories in photos for the year 2015!

1. Emmett’s first moments in the world!

2. Baby’s first friend

3. Lots of time spent at the beach 

4. And the new pool!

5. Trip to Minnesota in June


6. Lots of visitors including Taylor and Kirsten…


7. Chris and Shirley…


8. Mandy…


9. And Maddie and Lindsey (and grandparents too many times to count!)


10. Weekend get-away to Austin

11. Baby’s 1st Halloween


12. Weekend in Alabama



13. Thanksgiving


14. Weekend in the mountains


15. And Christmas!


Boat Day

We took the boat up the Ashley River today to see the plantations waterside with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Jim. It’s safe to say we have a baby who loves being on the boat! 



Christmas Eve

Well I guess since its midnight already it’s technically Christmas Day but I wanted to quick post some pictures of our fun Christmas Eve!



Cooking Class

For my birthday my sister signed us up for a cooking class at Southern Season. Last night was the class and we had so much fun! The theme of the night was Christmas Mains which was awesome because we got to eat all sorts of delicious fancy meats! Here’s the menu from last night: Pan Seared Duck Breasts with Cherry Port Sauce; Garlic Herb Rack of Lamb with Sausage Stuffing; Salt Crusted Whole Fish with Lemon Butter Potatoes; Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Morel Cream Sauce

It was a hands-on course so we actually got to do the cooking instead of just watching which made it extra fun. Great food, delicious wine, fun classmates and spending time with my sister made for the a perfect birthday present!







Maggie Valley 

This past weekend the three of us headed up to the mountains of North Carolina to spend a weekend snuggled in a cabin together. We have never needed a trip like this so badly! When we booked the cabin a couple months ago, our idea was to go to a place where we would be able to see snow. Ha! Maggie Valley was 60 degrees this weekend so no snow for us! It was still cool enough to be bundled up and to use the hot tub at night. 

We spent our days in our jammies watching movies and playing on the porch. Nights were spent drinking wine in the hot tub and staring out at this beautiful view of the town below while listening to Frank Sinatra Christmas on Pandora – so Christmasy!


Emmett had a great time, even though he was a little afraid of the bear statue 🙂

A weekend in the mountains is going to be a yearly tradition for us for sure – maybe next year we’ll find some snow! 


10 Months

Today Emmett turned 10 months old!

He is at such a fun age. He’s always smiling and flashing us his little teeth (two more on top are coming in!) and is so giggly especially when we play “peek” or if Dad holds him upside down and we tickle his tummy. He is a really fast crawler and still loves to stand and work on his balance – he’s really good at it!

I love watching him play because you can really see his little brain working now!

Emmett sways to music and is mesmerized when Ryan plays the guitar. I can’t believe our baby is 10 months old already! It’s a little sad to think how fast the time has gone but it is so fun to watch him grow and learn new things!

Christmas Parade 2015

Yesterday we headed downtown with our neighbors to let Emmett experience his first parade! It was a long one (at least an hour) so he got a little squirmy but over all he was really into it!

Of course the highlight of the parade was the Basset Hound Rescue group! So dang cute!!