9 Months

Our smiley boy is 9 months old today!

So much has happened in the past month with Emmett – I hope I remember it all! As soon as he turned 8 months old he got his first tooth and then abruptly decided on his own that he was too old for breastfeeding, haha. At first it was kind of sad for his mama, but honestly it is much easier this way! Emmett is all formula and solid foods now and loves pretty much everything he tries! He especially loves going out to eat to flirt with the waitresses and eat mommy and daddy’s food. He just sprouted his second tooth and has kept his easy going personality despite the teething.

After his last ear infection at the end of last month we did go ahead and have the tubes put in his ears. I think he’s hearing better and sleeping better which is great for all of us!

Emmett crawls all over the house like a maniac, pulls himself up on everything he sees and is constantly getting into everything. It’s so fun to see his explore and play on his own but it’s exhausting to chase after him! We are loving the school that he goes to twice a week where he can spend all morning playing and learning. 

I think those are our major milestones from the past month! We love love love you Emmett James!




2 thoughts on “9 Months

  1. OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMETT!!! Love his adorable teeth!!!! Hope you are well! Maddie and Alex are loving Nashville and she just accepted a job at ALoft Hotels as a Catering Manager within walking distance of home she starts sometime next week when her background check and drug test come back!!! YIPPEEE

    Lindsey is heading into finals next week and then she leaves with her roommate to Amman Jordan and DuBai for 2 1/2 weeks!!!

    Chris has been in London and is now in Scotland and then off to Barcelona until the 20th! I’m living the life in St. Charles – LOL!!! All is good!

    Hugs, Shirley

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