First time ice-creamer

After a little King Street shopping, Bec, Kelly, Heidi and I stopped for some ice cream at our favorite place, Jeni’s! As I’m enjoying my cone, Emmett pulls it to his mouth and goes to town! I had no idea he even knew how to eat ice cream haha. 

Look at his little hands holding it like a pro!

I think it’s safe to say he loves ice cream! 

Rosemary and Sea Salt Bread

Okay, I love sea salt, I LOVE Rosemary and I LOVE LOVE bread (unfortunately). I’ve been wanting to attempt this bread for awhile now  because not only does it sound delicious, but you bake the bread in your Dutch oven which intrigued me. The problem is that you have to let the dough rise overnight which is the thing I always forget to do! Last night I remembered to make my dough so I was able to bake the bread today. 

The recipe for this bread could not be simpler. Here’s what my dough looked like this morning:

And here’s what my finished product looked like after it was done baking!



 It is perfectly crunchy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside and it paired nicely with this Zuppa Toscana soup we had for lunch! Sundays in the fall are just made for homemade bread and soup. 


9 Months

Our smiley boy is 9 months old today!

So much has happened in the past month with Emmett – I hope I remember it all! As soon as he turned 8 months old he got his first tooth and then abruptly decided on his own that he was too old for breastfeeding, haha. At first it was kind of sad for his mama, but honestly it is much easier this way! Emmett is all formula and solid foods now and loves pretty much everything he tries! He especially loves going out to eat to flirt with the waitresses and eat mommy and daddy’s food. He just sprouted his second tooth and has kept his easy going personality despite the teething.

After his last ear infection at the end of last month we did go ahead and have the tubes put in his ears. I think he’s hearing better and sleeping better which is great for all of us!

Emmett crawls all over the house like a maniac, pulls himself up on everything he sees and is constantly getting into everything. It’s so fun to see his explore and play on his own but it’s exhausting to chase after him! We are loving the school that he goes to twice a week where he can spend all morning playing and learning. 

I think those are our major milestones from the past month! We love love love you Emmett James!



Weekend in Alabama

On Friday morning we packed up the truck with our babies (a human and two dogs) and headed to Alabama to spend the weekend with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Barb.


It was a pretty rainy weekend but we had a lot of fun! We spent a lot of time playing blocks with Emmett…

Going on walks…


Picking, shucking and cooking butter beans…

And going out to dinner!

Another fun weekend with with lots of memories made!


Well the sun has officially set on being 29. Yesterday was my 30th birthday! I had a lot of friends ask me how I felt about turning 30 since it seems like such a scary milestone, but honestly it couldn’t have been less of a big deal to me. Sure it’s weird to see 30 written out on a cake, especially when I feel like I just turned 21 (!) but I’m so thrilled and happy with where my life is at that turning 30 ain’t no thang. 

I thought Ryan was going to have to work yesterday so I was excited about just taking Emmett on a walk and going to Trader Joes for my birthday! Ha! What a 30 year old thing to be excited about. Instead, Ryan didn’t have to work and he told me we could do whatever I wanted all day! We started the morning off with breakfast at the Lost Dog Cafe and then we spent the rest of the day at the beach. 

We had the best time relaxing and listening to music while having the whole beach practically to ourselves! Emmett LOVED playing in the sand and eating an occasional handful. 

I thought we were just going to grab tacos for dinner but Ryan insisted that we go to The Barrel (this cool craft beer bar) because he wanted to enjoy the moonlight (huh?) and because they apparently had this cool noodle bowl food truck (double huh??) His insistence to go there instead of the taco place tipped me off that something might have been up but I was still surprised to see our friends outback with balloons and a cake for me!

It was such a fun, perfect 30th birthday. 30 is feeling pretty great!