Wolfe Island Camping

One of the nice things about owning your own business (and having friends that are also self-employed) is that you can go on a one-night camping trip on a Wednesday! Yesterday we packed up our boat with our camping gear and met our friends and their baby on Wolfe Island for a night of camping. 

It was such a cool place! It was about a twenty minute car ride from our house and then about a half mile boat ride to get to the island. It was definitely primitive camping (read: no bathrooms) but it was beautiful!

The babies did really well! We just spent the whole day letting them play while we just hung out (read: had some drinks, haha). They loved playing together, being outside and taking naps in the fresh air.


(yes, he’s biting her butt haha)  
The sunset was gorgeous! 

Emmett did pretty well sleeping in the tent too! He woke up once and wasn’t thrilled about getting his diaper changed but eventually fell back asleep. It was surprisingly warm last night too! We just had perfect weather. It was pretty great to wake up to these views too!

Now that we know Emmett is a happy camper, I see many more trips in our future! 


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