Pumpkin Bread

Happy Friday! Knock on wood, but it’s starting to feel like Fall here in Charleston and I’m loving it. We have the windows open, Emmett’s been wearing sweatshirts, some fall activities are on tap for this weekend and I’ve been doing a little fall baking.

There is nothing more snugly than a baby in a sweatshirt FYI. 

Did you hear about the alleged pumpkin shortage this year? I’m not a nut about pumpkin-spiced things but I do tend to enjoy any food or beverage with that seasonal flavor (pumpkin beers, lattes, baked goods, pastas etc). Last weekend I made these pumpkin spice truffles which were a big hit but they only used 1/4 of pumpkin purée which left me with half a can left in my fridge. Haunted by the looming pumpkin shortage, I felt obligated to use the rest of that purée stat!

The result was this 

. My neighbors next door are originally from the Northeast so I thought I’d make them a loaf. The rest of the batter was used to make these cute little muffins for Ryan and I. 

They were dense, moist and perfectly pumpkiny! I stocked up on pumpkin purée a couple weeks ago so many more pumpkin treats are in my future! 


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