Joaquin Weekend

I’m not sure if it was really Joaquin’s fault or not (you’d think I’d know with how much tv I watched this weekend) but Charleston got pummeled with rain for the last three days!

We were super lucky and did not experience any flooding at our house. We have a little pond in the back that got super high but still didn’t get close to our house. Our dock is underwater and our poor neighbors across the pond are a lot lower than we are and experienced a lot of flooding. 

Oh, and now we have an infinity pool…

Since we were advised to not drive anywhere because of flooded roads, we spent a lot of time watching the rain…

Playing in the rain…

Taking naps…

And eating and drinking of course (because there was nothing else to do!)

We had a nice cozy weekend stuck inside where we were nice and dry but I know a lot of people in Charleston were not so lucky. 

It’s still raining as I type, but hopefully it starts to dry out tomorrow. In the meantime, we’ll laugh at these memes 🙂



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