Happy Halloween! 

Hope you like pictures of a baby in a monkey costume because I’ve got an abundance of them!

And what’s cuter than one baby in a monkey costume? Two babies in monkey costumes!

Emmett’s friend Louie had a little meltdown in his costume though…

Hope you are having a fun Halloween! 

Pumpkin Carving

Becca came over tonight and we carved pumpkins and Emmett experienced his first handful of pumpkin guts…

Then he tried to eat it and started throwing it on the floor (story of my life with him these days!)

Can you guess who’s pumpkin is whose?


On the Move

Our squirmy little boy is constantly moving! He learned to crawl this past weekend (he’s still kind of robotic in his moves) and he loves to pull himself up on things so he can stand up! I think if he could stand all day he would. 

 Even though he is getting so good at moving around, he still doesn’t really know how to roll over! If he’s on he falls on his back he throws a fit because he can’t figure out how to get up – he kind of looks like a turtle who is stuck on his shell 🙂

Wolfe Island Camping

One of the nice things about owning your own business (and having friends that are also self-employed) is that you can go on a one-night camping trip on a Wednesday! Yesterday we packed up our boat with our camping gear and met our friends and their baby on Wolfe Island for a night of camping. 

It was such a cool place! It was about a twenty minute car ride from our house and then about a half mile boat ride to get to the island. It was definitely primitive camping (read: no bathrooms) but it was beautiful!

The babies did really well! We just spent the whole day letting them play while we just hung out (read: had some drinks, haha). They loved playing together, being outside and taking naps in the fresh air.


(yes, he’s biting her butt haha)  
The sunset was gorgeous! 

Emmett did pretty well sleeping in the tent too! He woke up once and wasn’t thrilled about getting his diaper changed but eventually fell back asleep. It was surprisingly warm last night too! We just had perfect weather. It was pretty great to wake up to these views too!

Now that we know Emmett is a happy camper, I see many more trips in our future! 

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

After a disastrous trip to an actual pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago where it down poured on us and we left without any pumpkins and Emmett left with a cold, Becca, Emmett and I tried again tonight. This time we just went to the church down the street and it was perfect!    

Pumpkin Bread

Happy Friday! Knock on wood, but it’s starting to feel like Fall here in Charleston and I’m loving it. We have the windows open, Emmett’s been wearing sweatshirts, some fall activities are on tap for this weekend and I’ve been doing a little fall baking.

There is nothing more snugly than a baby in a sweatshirt FYI. 

Did you hear about the alleged pumpkin shortage this year? I’m not a nut about pumpkin-spiced things but I do tend to enjoy any food or beverage with that seasonal flavor (pumpkin beers, lattes, baked goods, pastas etc). Last weekend I made these pumpkin spice truffles which were a big hit but they only used 1/4 of pumpkin purée which left me with half a can left in my fridge. Haunted by the looming pumpkin shortage, I felt obligated to use the rest of that purée stat!

The result was this 

. My neighbors next door are originally from the Northeast so I thought I’d make them a loaf. The rest of the batter was used to make these cute little muffins for Ryan and I. 

They were dense, moist and perfectly pumpkiny! I stocked up on pumpkin purée a couple weeks ago so many more pumpkin treats are in my future! 

8 Months

And here we are already at 8 months! The fastest 8 months of my life. 8 months ago, I barely knew how to change a diaper and now I have an 8 month old baby boy who is practically crawling, has his first tooth and feels like he’s always been here!   


This month has brought a lot of fun changes in Emmett. He has started to feed himself solid foods with his hands and hasn’t eaten anything that he doesn’t seem to like! We just give him tiny pieces of whatever we are eating and he happily takes it. He has started to flip over to a crawling position when he is seated but still really only crawls backwards so far. Most of all he loves to stand up! He tries to pull himself up on everything! He’s taken a couple tumbles lately because he’s always on the move and if I turn my back for one second, he’s bumped his head somewhere it seems. Emmett is starting to clap his hands which he is probably learning from our Kindermusk or Babygarten classes we take (and he loves!) Once in awhile it sounds like he says “uh-oh” which we think counts as his first word, haha. Oh! And he really just started paying attention to the dogs! He loves petting them and goes into a fit of giggles when Sam licks him. It’s the cutest thing ever. 

Unfortunately, today was a pretty horrible day. Emmett was diagnosed with his third (!) ear infection. He spent the day crying and sleeping. It’s heartbreaking to watch.


 He’s on medication now and seems to be feeling better. We have an appointment with an ENT doctor in a couple weeks to see if we should move forward with getting tubes put in his ears. Let me know if you have any advice! 

We have a tooth! 

Just shy of being 8 months old, Emmett cut his first tooth this weekend!

He’s chewing on everything in sight – one of his favorites being cold celery sticks!

He’s had a cold this weekend too but despite those two uncomfortable things he’s been our same happy boy!