A Beach Wedding

Saturday night Ryan and I attended our very first beach wedding (I feel like this is a right of passage here) and it did not disappoint! Our neighbors were the ones getting married and it was one of the sweetest, most well planned weddings I’ve ever been to. Here are some of the highlights in pictures!

What made the ceremony extra special was the inclusion of the groom’s kids. It was so sweet to watch how all four of them made vows to each other and the new family they were creating. 

After the ceremony (there were 3 other weddings on the beach that night too!) we were driven by golf cart to the amazing beach house for the reception. 

Meanwhile, Emmett was with his girlfriend at her parents’ house for the night…

Back to the beach house! The sunset over the marsh was amazing! We had the best time dancing and hanging out with our neighbors. 

We decided today that the best way to prevent a post-wedding hangover is fresh, sea air so we spent the day on the boat!

And now we are all exhausted and in bed at 8pm. Such a fun weekend! 


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