Frozen Mint Lemonade

Let’s start this with some mom truths. 

1. As of 2pm today I was still in pajamas.

2. I did not take a shower for two days until this afternoon. 

This isn’t a good look on me but when your baby had a rough night last night, it’s just what happens sometimes. Tomorrow I WILL take a shower before 9am. I promise. If only because I know I have somewhere to be at 10:30, haha. 

You know what is a good look on me? A frozen mint lemonade in my hand while I lounge poolside. Or just sit in my house because it’s too hot.

 Becca and I discovered these at a coffee shop downtown last weekend and they are the perfect thirst quencher on a hot day! I just happen to be growing a ton of mint so I decided to make a copy-cat version at home. 

There’s no real recipe! Just put some lemonade, ice and fresh mint in a blender and voila! I think you really can go heavy on the mint. I put about one full sprig of leaves in mine for a single serving and I felt like there could have been more. 

Definitely whip these up while summer is still here! I wouldn’t be opposed to you splashing some rum or vodka in there either…

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