Pizza Hack

If you are ordering pizza this weekend, dip your pizza crust into honey. It’s like a bit of dessert at the end of every slice. We learned this trick last weekend and it’s a game changer. That is all 🙂

Darius Rucker

The other day we found out that CMT was filming a concert that night in Charleston for their InstantJam series and Ryan’s favorite guy, Darius Rucker was the headliner! At 9am they tweeted out where to get the free wristbands, at 10am I was running through the gate with my stroller, at 11am Bec, Ryan and I nabbed wristbands (Kelly was stuck at work) and by 7:30 that night we were on the beach, drinks in hand, and THIS CLOSE to Darius Rucker!

It was easily one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Darius sounded awesome, played the hits and some of his old Hootie songs and it was so cool to be so close! The concert airs on CMT on September 5th. Look for us! 

Avocado and Egg

Emmett had his 6 month doctors appointment today where he got the “go ahead” to eat whole foods (aka not blended up). We started with bits of avocado and scrambled egg. 

He was unsure about the eggs especially and threw handfuls on the ground. While hilarious, it was messy so we had to send in the hounds for cleanup. 

Sammy didn’t mind 🙂

Sunday Mornings

There’s not many better ways to start a morning off than by waking up to this face…

Eating a bowl of yogurt, blueberries and granola…

Topped off with this delicious Orange Blossom Honey I bought in Savannah yesterday…

And enjoyed with delicious coffee from my cool Paul Bunyan mug 🙂


6 Months

“Hey Bear…did you hear that I turned 6 months old today?”

It is shocking that our little baby Emmett has been in our lives for half a year already!

Our baby loves to grunt, smile, splash in the pool and have Sam lick his face. He is really getting in to eating solid foods (especially the blueberry banana combo!) and is awesome at sitting up on his own.

There’s nothing more that Emmett loves than to lay on a quilt in the grass and stare at the trees. We go to Babygarten at the library and Mommy and Me Yoga. Dad always makes Emmett giggle, especially when he sings and lifts him up in the air. 


Oh you sweet little happy boy….we love you so much!  

Frozen Mint Lemonade

Let’s start this with some mom truths. 

1. As of 2pm today I was still in pajamas.

2. I did not take a shower for two days until this afternoon. 

This isn’t a good look on me but when your baby had a rough night last night, it’s just what happens sometimes. Tomorrow I WILL take a shower before 9am. I promise. If only because I know I have somewhere to be at 10:30, haha. 

You know what is a good look on me? A frozen mint lemonade in my hand while I lounge poolside. Or just sit in my house because it’s too hot.

 Becca and I discovered these at a coffee shop downtown last weekend and they are the perfect thirst quencher on a hot day! I just happen to be growing a ton of mint so I decided to make a copy-cat version at home. 

There’s no real recipe! Just put some lemonade, ice and fresh mint in a blender and voila! I think you really can go heavy on the mint. I put about one full sprig of leaves in mine for a single serving and I felt like there could have been more. 

Definitely whip these up while summer is still here! I wouldn’t be opposed to you splashing some rum or vodka in there either…

T&K take Charleston

We had a fun, busy, memorable couple of days while my brother and sister-in-law were in town this past week! We ate delicious food, spent time at the beach, got tons of pool time in (including night volleyball!), walked around downtown, did a ghost tour, visited Magnolia Plantation, and kayaked! Here are the highlights in pictures: