When you live in a city that is consistently #1 on the “Best Cities to Visit” type lists, it’s pretty easy to find something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon! Yesterday Becca and I took advantage of the lower humidity levels and took Emmett downtown to tour a couple historical houses. 

Our first stop was the Heyward-Washington house

While we waited for the tour to start, we explored the grounds. 

About 5 minutes into the house tour my little bear cub started to get a little vocal. As to not ruin the tour for the other people, Emmett and I excused ourselves to the garden to enjoy a bottle of milk, haha. The tour guide was gracious enough to give me a quick private tour after so I was still able to see the house though. She couldn’t have been sweeter! It doesn’t hurt to have a cute little baby with you to get a little special treatment 🙂

(Emmett got SO much attention rolling around in his stroller with his sunglasses on. You could have sworn I was pushing a celebrity, haha!)

If you go to Charleston and want to visit one of the houses, it only makes sense to visit two. For just $5.00 more, you can also visit the Joseph Manigault house so that’s where we headed next after an awesome Mediterranean lunch at Tabbuli.

Although Emmett was not super interested in history yesterday, it was so fun to act like tourists for the day and enjoy Charleston. It’s still hard to believe we live here sometimes! 

And we sure are so lucky to have Becca living in Charleston with us! Emmett loves his auntie so much!


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