Watermelon, Blackberry and Mint Salad

Well it’s still scorching hot here but we are getting pretty used to it. Our pool temperature was only 80 degrees tonight when we jumped in and we were pretty chilly, haha. Besides air conditioning and the pool, this combination of watermelon, blackberries and fresh mint from our herb garden have been the keys to staying refreshed the past couple of days! 

There are a couple kinds of people I don’t understand in this world: adults who are OBSESSED with Disney and people who don’t like melon. Unfortunately, my husband is one of those crazy people who don’t like melon! He’s such an adventurous eater but melons? No can do. Lucky for me though, my grocery store was selling “personal watermelons”! Never heard of such a thing but it was the perfect size since I knew I’d be eating it all myself.

Inspired by a recipe I saw on Pinterest, I cubed that baby up and mixed it with the fresh blackberries my sister picked and brought over last weekend. Then Emmett and I took a stroll to our little herb garden to harvest some fresh mint.

The combination of the super sweet watermelon with the tart blackberries and fresh mint was so dang refreshing! 

I’ve been digging into my Tupperware of this salad for a mid morning snack, an afternoon snack, dessert…I can’t stop! 

And now it’s almost gone. 

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