The 4th

I think I came to the realization yesterday that the 4th of July might be my favorite holiday. Warm weather, bbq food, beer, music, hanging out, topped off with fireworks? Yeah, it’s pretty great. And after the super fun day we had yesterday, I’m pretty much convinced. 

We invited our friends and neighbors over for a 4th of July pool party. We had an awesome turn out and we met some really sweet families that live just down the street that we had never met before! Isn’t it weird how you can live a whole year a couple houses down from someone and never really spend time with them? 

Emmett started the day off yesterday falling asleep with a ball on his head while I got ready for the party.

Here are some pre-party pics:

And a couple shots I took during the party:

Of course the night ended with a fireworks display shot of by our neighbors right in front of our house. It was a little rainy but so fun. We blasted patriotic songs and danced around with sparklers. It felt like our whole neighborhood was outside shooting off fireworks. We just live in the best neighborhood!!

(My brave boy watching fireworks)

We capped off the day with a little night swimming. 

Even Sammy got to go swimming!

It was just the perfect day with really great people. 

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