Ritzy Rolos

I’m not sure what the real name is of these little treats. Rolo Sandwiches? Ritzy Rolos? Or Chocolate Crackers as my 4 year old neighbor called them? All I know is that they are the EASIEST dessert you can possibly make. I even feel weird calling them a dessert because they are too easy to deserve that title. Maybe “sweet treat” is a better description. 

Ready for this? 

Step 1: Lay your crackers on a cookie sheet

Step 2: Unwrap Rolos

Step 3: Put one unwrapped Rolo on each cracker

Step 4: Put cookie sheet in preheated oven at 350 degrees for like two minutes

Step 5: Take out the cookie sheet and press another cracker on top of each Rolo and smosh down.

The end. The easiest little nuggets of salty, sweet, caramely, chocolatey goodness! 


When you live in a city that is consistently #1 on the “Best Cities to Visit” type lists, it’s pretty easy to find something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon! Yesterday Becca and I took advantage of the lower humidity levels and took Emmett downtown to tour a couple historical houses. 

Our first stop was the Heyward-Washington house

While we waited for the tour to start, we explored the grounds. 

About 5 minutes into the house tour my little bear cub started to get a little vocal. As to not ruin the tour for the other people, Emmett and I excused ourselves to the garden to enjoy a bottle of milk, haha. The tour guide was gracious enough to give me a quick private tour after so I was still able to see the house though. She couldn’t have been sweeter! It doesn’t hurt to have a cute little baby with you to get a little special treatment 🙂

(Emmett got SO much attention rolling around in his stroller with his sunglasses on. You could have sworn I was pushing a celebrity, haha!)

If you go to Charleston and want to visit one of the houses, it only makes sense to visit two. For just $5.00 more, you can also visit the Joseph Manigault house so that’s where we headed next after an awesome Mediterranean lunch at Tabbuli.

Although Emmett was not super interested in history yesterday, it was so fun to act like tourists for the day and enjoy Charleston. It’s still hard to believe we live here sometimes! 

And we sure are so lucky to have Becca living in Charleston with us! Emmett loves his auntie so much!


Baby Shades

We’ll see how he does with these! So far he hasn’t tried to take them off yet and he looks so dang cute in them. Babiators for the win (hopefully!) This baby hates having the sun in his eyes. 

#TBT: Up North Style 

A little flashback to a couple weeks ago when we were up north with my family in Minnesota! It was so special to bring Emmett to a place I have loved going to for 29 years!


Watermelon, Blackberry and Mint Salad

Well it’s still scorching hot here but we are getting pretty used to it. Our pool temperature was only 80 degrees tonight when we jumped in and we were pretty chilly, haha. Besides air conditioning and the pool, this combination of watermelon, blackberries and fresh mint from our herb garden have been the keys to staying refreshed the past couple of days! 

There are a couple kinds of people I don’t understand in this world: adults who are OBSESSED with Disney and people who don’t like melon. Unfortunately, my husband is one of those crazy people who don’t like melon! He’s such an adventurous eater but melons? No can do. Lucky for me though, my grocery store was selling “personal watermelons”! Never heard of such a thing but it was the perfect size since I knew I’d be eating it all myself.

Inspired by a recipe I saw on Pinterest, I cubed that baby up and mixed it with the fresh blackberries my sister picked and brought over last weekend. Then Emmett and I took a stroll to our little herb garden to harvest some fresh mint.

The combination of the super sweet watermelon with the tart blackberries and fresh mint was so dang refreshing! 

I’ve been digging into my Tupperware of this salad for a mid morning snack, an afternoon snack, dessert…I can’t stop! 

And now it’s almost gone. 

5 Months

This is not a joke…where did the last month go?? I can’t believe this little love bug is 5 months old today already!

This past month we have discovered that Emmett LOVES being in the pool and kicks with his whole body while he’s in his floatie. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever! He also went on the boat for the first time and started eating solid foods (which he’s still not sure about)! 

He’s still not really rolling over but he is getting so strong during tummy time, he’s got to be close. Emmett loves to grab your hair with his death grip and chew on your fingers. He loves when we sing “Down by the Bay” and squeals when I read him books. It’s been so fun to watch him grow up and discover new things!

5 months ago almost feels like forever ago but like just yesterday at the same time.


Boat Baby

My aunt and uncle were in town yesterday so we took Emmett out on the boat for the first time! We were out for about 6 hours in the South Carolina heat and he did awesome. We made sure to keep him in the shade, gave him lots of milk and dripped cold water on him when he looked warm. He honestly really seemed to like being on the water! I would think so anyway because boating and fishing are in his blood!


#TBT: 3 Month Photoshoot Style

As Emmett quickly approaches 5 months (!) I thought I should finally share the photos my very talented friend Fawn of Sable and Lace took when Emmett was 3 months old!

First, here were some inspiration photos I found on Pinterest that I showed her. I wanted his photos to be light, airy, not cheesy, and focus on him.

We took the photos in our bedroom on our white IKEA comforter and the headboard that Ryan made out of reclaimed barn wood. Here’s how they turned out!

 If you are in the Charleston area, I couldn’t recommend Sable and Lace more! She took my inspiration photos and created something beautiful that perfectly shows my little boy’s personality. I can’t wait to see what we come up with for his 6 month photos!