This Morning

I’ve started writing this post a couple times now and I’m just not sure how to start. I like to keep this blog fun and positive, but I witnessed something this morning that I can’t not write about.

As you know, this has been a tough week in Charleston. The shootings at the Emanuel AME church in our beloved downtown Charleston were horrific on so many levels. Although we are new to this city, it absolutely feels like home and for something like this to happen to loving, completely innocent people here is unfathomable.

I have watched the news and postings on Facebook about all of the wonderful things Charleston is and has been doing to honor these lives and raise money for their families in the past week and it has made me SO. PROUD. to live here. This morning at 10am, all of the churches downtown were going to ring their church bells in solidarity and community to show that violence cannot break this city. Ryan and I took Emmett downtown this morning to witness this. It seemed like such an important thing to be at. I wanted to see Charleston come together. I wanted to see these lives honored.

However, what I saw was honestly sickening. 10am should have marked a moment of silence. A moment to reflect on what happened this week. A moment to just be still and think about these lives that were lost and why. Instead, I saw every other person with their cell phones out taking photos and videos. Is our society so self indulgent that we can’t take 5 minutes to put down our phones and think about someone else other than ourselves? It felt like everyone was more concerned about how many “likes” they were going to get on Facebook for their video of church bells ringing with the hashtag, #CharlestonStrong, then thinking about these poor people who were MURDERED because of the color of their skin. Anyone remember that while you were taking your pictures?? I cried this morning for the people who were killed, for their families, for the fact that racism is still a part of our world, and now for the indifference of almost everyone I saw this morning. I wish I would have never gone down there today and saw what I did. I wish I would have just stayed home and imagined how wonderful this morning at 10am was going to be. It would have been much better than the reality.

One thought on “This Morning

  1. My heart broke to read this posting…

    I so agree with you!!! It was a time to mourn, reflect and be in solidarity as a community. Social media can be a good/bad thing but as you, my hearts break for the families. Just watching the President eulogizing the Pastor on TV…I pray this is a beginning of change. The madness just has to stop…It is a momentous day!

    Hugs to you my dear!

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