Italian Chopped Salad

Happy Monday! We had another great, busy weekend and spent a lot of time at the beach again! And Emmett spent some time flirting with his new girlfriend on the beach blanket

“Hey girl…”

I tried a new salad for lunch today that I’d thought I’d share with you. It’s an Italian Chopped Salad and here’s what I loved about it:

1. The chickpeas – I’m kind of obsessed with them lately. I didn’t even marinade them like the recipe said and thought they were delicious in this salad.

2. The salami. Because, duh. Who doesn’t like salami?

3. The dressing! Ryan asked, “What’s in this sauce?” (Aka, the dressing) and after I told him, he said he would rather have this dressing any day then a bottled pre-made Italian dressing. 

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly so here’s what I put in my salad:

-chopped green lettuce

-sliced salami

-chopped marinaded artichoke hearts

-chopped sun dried tomatoes (the kind that are in oil)

-Trader Joes Italian Cheese Blend

-Topped with the dressing made according to the directions

Hope you like it! I’ll have another salad recipe to share with you later this week too 🙂 

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