Almost Average!

Emmett had his 4 month doctors appointment this morning and after his two month appointment where he was pretty much declared short and fat (!) we were happy to see that our chubby little baby is started to stretch out a little!

His poor chubby legs and to get some shots today…

But don’t worry – he’s still smiling!  

Kale Caesar Pasta Salad

Happy Friday! A couple things before we get into this delish salad:

1. This is the first day I feel like writing a post because Emmett and I have been sick with colds all week. Colds in summer should be illegal! 

2. It’s been in the 90’s here all week! Steamy, humid and hot. Perfect weather for jumping in the new pool!

Ryan’s been working hard on the backyard (in the heat no less!) to get it all ready for our 4th of July party next weekend. There’s a ton of work to do, but it is going to be awesome when it’s done. 

3. Emmett rolled from his stomach to his back yesterday for the first time! He only did it once and he hasn’t been able to recreate his success (yet!) but I know he’s going to be a little rolling machine in no time. He’s also working on his back to stomach skills 🙂

Okay, now on to this salad! There are a couple things about this Kale Caesar Pasta Salad that make it a winner:

1. Roasted cherry tomatoes. I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes in general, but these cherry tomatoes roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper were so good I would eat them whole in the salad (which I never do!)

2. Ken’s Steakhouse dressing. This is the only brand of dressing we buy at our house and it just happens to be the dressing the recipe calls for. So yummy!

3. The kale! I was a little nervous about making the salad with kale because I was afraid it would be bitter. It totally wasn’t! The best thing about the kale (besides how good it is for you) is how well it stood up the next day! Because it’s such a hearty green, it didn’t wilt even when it was tossed in the dressing overnight. The salad leftovers were just as good the next day!


  A couple little notes about kale. In the past, I’ve bought precut kale in a bag for salads I was making. This time I bought fresh kale and chopped it up myself. It was so much better because I was able remove the thick stems. I looked up a quick tutorial on how to clean kale and it couldn’t have been easier. I removed the stems and chopped the leaves into small bites. I think I prefer kale to spinach now that I know how easy it is to use. And yes I know I’m a little late to board the kale train 🙂

First Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day (a day late) to my guy! Emmett and I are so lucky to have you. I knew you’d be a great dad and when I see the way our baby’s face lights up when he sees you, my heart melts. Thank you for being the voice of reason, staying calm at all times, and being so fun and goofy with him that he *almost* busts out laughing. With you as his dad, Emmett is going to be brave, hardworking, inquisitive and kind. We love you! 


This Morning

I’ve started writing this post a couple times now and I’m just not sure how to start. I like to keep this blog fun and positive, but I witnessed something this morning that I can’t not write about.

As you know, this has been a tough week in Charleston. The shootings at the Emanuel AME church in our beloved downtown Charleston were horrific on so many levels. Although we are new to this city, it absolutely feels like home and for something like this to happen to loving, completely innocent people here is unfathomable.

I have watched the news and postings on Facebook about all of the wonderful things Charleston is and has been doing to honor these lives and raise money for their families in the past week and it has made me SO. PROUD. to live here. This morning at 10am, all of the churches downtown were going to ring their church bells in solidarity and community to show that violence cannot break this city. Ryan and I took Emmett downtown this morning to witness this. It seemed like such an important thing to be at. I wanted to see Charleston come together. I wanted to see these lives honored.

However, what I saw was honestly sickening. 10am should have marked a moment of silence. A moment to reflect on what happened this week. A moment to just be still and think about these lives that were lost and why. Instead, I saw every other person with their cell phones out taking photos and videos. Is our society so self indulgent that we can’t take 5 minutes to put down our phones and think about someone else other than ourselves? It felt like everyone was more concerned about how many “likes” they were going to get on Facebook for their video of church bells ringing with the hashtag, #CharlestonStrong, then thinking about these poor people who were MURDERED because of the color of their skin. Anyone remember that while you were taking your pictures?? I cried this morning for the people who were killed, for their families, for the fact that racism is still a part of our world, and now for the indifference of almost everyone I saw this morning. I wish I would have never gone down there today and saw what I did. I wish I would have just stayed home and imagined how wonderful this morning at 10am was going to be. It would have been much better than the reality.

Four Months

Our little baby is 4 months old today!

Our little guy has done a ton of traveling this month and has been a total champ spending lots of time in the car and meeting a bunch of new people. 

Emmett loves to chat and hear the sound of his voice and often times squeals like a little piggy!

His hands are constantly in his mouth and he’s super drooly so we think he might be getting teeth soon! Emmett is such a smiley baby, especially in the morning, and we are just loving introducing him to all of our family. 

We love you goofy boy! 

Kayak Sunday

If you come visit us in a Charleston, there’s a very good chance we are going to take you kayaking on Shem Creek. It is an unbelievable experience because you are pretty much guaranteed to see dolphins. Not only that, the dolphins are so close to you they might even bump into your kayak. One time while kayaking there Ryan and I even had an encounter with a manatee. Aaaannnddd, you can take turns kayaking while half of your group sits waterside at a bar and drinks Bloody Mary’s. It’s pretty great so that’s where we took Mandy for her last day of vacation! 

It was really hot out yesterday so Em was letting his chest cool off. Check out all of his flirty expressions while Mandy was holding him!


Lastly, I just want you to notice how he is wearing his kayaking monkey outfit 🙂


Baby’s First Baseball Game

My BFF Mandy is in town this weekend so after a day at the beach yesterday we went to see the Riverdogs play! The Riverdogs are Charleston’s minor league baseball team, so since its the minor leagues, you automatically know the game is going to be fun. It was Emmett’s first baseball game and after a little meltdown over food when we first arrived, he did great! 


There were fireworks at the end of the game and Emmett was unphased! He watched and wasn’t scared one bit of the sound. So fun!