Weekend Recap

So it’s Tuesday today, huh? That’s confusing but kind of great! Hope you had a nice long weekend – we definitely did! We had beautiful weather here again in the low 80’s so we spent lots of time outside. 

Friday morning started out with a photoshoot for Emmett! A new friend came over to take pictures of our little guy and I can’t wait to show you how they turned out. She is super talented! Friday night we went to dinner and to grab a drink at The Barrel. 

On Saturday morning I met some girlfriends and their babies downtown at the Farmers Market. We walked around and then sat under the trees and drank some coffee while the babies stretched out. It was so fun to talk to other new moms and see their little boys! They are both a month older than Emmett – it’s amazing what a difference a month makes! They were both so strong on their tummies. Of course all of us moms were a little camera happy….


Saturday afternoon was spent at our neighbors house for a pool party. We brought fruit pizza and everyone was amazed by it! Must be a Midwestern thing because they had never had one before. One girl was saying how it seemed like a French dessert! Hahaha 🙂

On Sunday we went crabbing for the first time! It was a pretty windy day at the beach so we didn’t get to stay as long as we would have liked but it was still really fun. 

On Monday morning we headed back to the beach with Kelly and Bec and our neighbors. It was a perfect day of relaxing, sunshine and ocean. 



 PS: We’ve got this beach thing down to a science now! Check out our new beach cart and our shelter Ryan set up!  

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