Salads of Summer

Happy Monday! It’s nice and hot here so I’ve been eating salads like no one’s business. I’m not a huge fan of lettuce-based salads and I usually just pick out the good stuff when I eat them, leaving the lettuce left in the bowl. I love love pasta salads but  trying to limit my carb intake so I wanted to find salads that don’t have a pasta base. I’ve already told you about my love of tabbouleh and the kicked-up ramen noodle salad, but here are three more non-pasta salads that I am devouring right now.

1. Fresh corn and mozzarella salad

We made this when we were on vacation in Florida and I’m dying to make it again. We added fresh mozzarella to ours (the recipe doesn’t call for it) and I think it’s absolutely necessary. Make sure you use fresh corn and fresh basil too. 

2. Black eyed pea salad 

This is one of those salads that gets even better the longer it’s in the fridge. Make it Monday night and eat it for lunch all week long. 

3. Cilantro lime quinoa salad

I think I may have posted on here how I don’t like quinoa. Well, I take it back. Turns out I love quinoa when it’s mixed with delicious ingredients like black beans, cilantro, avocado and mango! We used seasoned black beans (our favorite canned food) and added chopped up fresh mango to our version of this salad and we both loved it. We had our salad for dinner with jerk shrimp. Yum! 

Hope you think these are as good as we do! 

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