A Weekend of Firsts in Clearwater

Good morning! Hope you slept better than I did last night (thanks Emmett)! I think he might of had a hard time falling asleep last night because: 

A. We weren’t in relaxing Florida anymore

B. He slept all day in the car.

One bad night of sleep from him was way worth it though because we had an amazing weekend with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Barb in Clearwater! It was a long weekend full of sunshine, humid weather, family, and a lot of firsts! 

1. Emmett’s first road trip!

It was about a 7.5 hour trip and overall our baby did really well. He would have moments of fussiness but mostly he just slept. 

2. Emmett’s first time meeting Great Grandma Helen

It was so sweet – he slept for most of the visit but woke up when we got to her room. People sure do go nuts for cute little babies at the nursing home! One nurse called Em “juicy” lol

3. Emmett’s first time wearing shoes!

Not just any shoes. The CUTEST shoes!

4. Baby’s first time swimming in the pool


He didn’t love it at first (Dad dunked his head under water) but once he got used to it, he held onto Ryan and kicked his little legs!

5. Mom and Dad’s first date night out!

We borrowed the convertible and headed to St. Pete for dinner and a little bar hopping. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for babysitting! 

6. Emmett’s first time swimming in the ocean


The ocean felt like bath water it was so warm!

In between all of these big events, we also did a lot of relaxing…


And Emmett got to spend lots of quality time with his grandparents. 


Until next time Clearwater! 

3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Firsts in Clearwater

  1. Adorable pictures and looks like you had a great time!!! Were the dogs along too??

    Does Emmett have dimples??? He is just the cutest!!! I can’t wait to see him….We are planning a trip to Florida, GA and SC from July 2-12…we will probably be in SC from July 9-12 as it gets closer we will let you know the dates…We are praying that you are in town!!!

    Hugs, Shirley xoxo

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