Mom Hair

I think before you have kids there are a couple things you proclaim: 

1. “I will never drive a mini van!”

2. “I will never cut my hair short just because I have a kid!”

Well people…I cut my hair yesterday. But in my defense, it wasn’t just because my baby was pulling on my long hair and it was getting in the way when I was leaning over to change his diaper. It’s also getting super humid here and I needed a change. So there. But I am NOT getting a mini van. Yet…



5 thoughts on “Mom Hair

  1. Love it!!!! Makes you look so fresh!!! Wait till you get all that humidity….you’ll be happy!!! I get my hair straightened each Spring so it’s easy for me in the summer months…no frizz!!!!

    Hope you are loving the time with your Mom!!!

    Hugs, Shirley

  2. Your hair is still adorable and not even that short! I’m sure Emmett will be grabbing it in no time, if he hasn’t already!

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