The Bunny Nightmares Are Made Of

This morning we got all dressed up to get our picture taken with the mall Easter Bunny. 


Unfortunately the mall Easter Bunny could not be more terrifying!! We still got the picture taken though because we felt kind of obligated to. He’s only going to have his first Easter once! Looking at this photo after the fact though, I think we really should have passed. 


 A couple observations on the mall Easter Bunnny experience:

1. Why has this rabbit costume not been updated since 1970?

2. If I tell Ryan how much this stupid picture cost, he might have a heart attack.

3. What makes the bunny extra creepy is that you know it is a grown man in that costume and he won’t say a word to you. Silent bunnies are terrifying!

4. I love how Emmett’s expression is “WTF?”

Until next year Easter Bunny! Or maybe not…

5 thoughts on “The Bunny Nightmares Are Made Of

  1. What an adorable little boy. Sweetest smile ever!
    Emmett & Will will be great buddies – both Bow tie men!
    I agree, that bunny is creepy! Glad he survived his first scare.
    Santa will be a breeze! ha ha

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