National Puppy Day! 

Doesn’t it seem like every day is “national something or other day”? National Pie Day, National Siblings Day, and now today is National Puppy Day. Kind of stupid but I love my puppies so much, I want to brag about them. Here’s some throwback pictures of Sam and Chance when they were puppies. 



Can you tell which one is which?

A lot of people have asked me how the boys do with the baby and I have nothing but good things to report! Our dog Sam (who isn’t as mild mannered as Chance) couldn’t be sweeter with Emmett. The first time Ryan introduced them, Sam was trying to be so gentle he was shaking. He loves to kiss Em on the head and smell him all over. While Sam is concerned any time Emmett cries, Chance could kind of care less which is totally the exact opposite of what would happen! 



I’m so thankful for my sweet babies! 

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