Becca, Kelly and I had big plans today for our afternoon of Easter decorations crafting but unfortunately, due to the lack of supplies at both the Dollar Store and Walmart, we were only able to make one thing. This might have been for the best, because it turns out, we aren’t so great at crafting. 

Here was our inspiration:

It seemed easy enough! Just take a foam wreath and hot glue Easter candy on it. 

 Um, easier said then done. The candy tends to melt and it’s not easy to get all of the candies lined up so you don’t have any gaps. Either way, we laughed so hard at our Pintrosity wreaths and it was a fun/a little frustrating way to spend the afternoon. Despite how it turned out, I still put mine on our mantle. 

We’ll see how long it stays up there before I get too embarrassed and take it down…

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