Weekend Recap 

We had such a fun, busy weekend here in Charleston! My cousins Maddie and Lindsey came up with Maddie’s boyfriend Alex from Savannah on Friday night to stay with us and meet Emmett. Of course they pulled in just as his fussy evening period was starting so it wasn’t initially his best showing, haha. 



Auntie Becca did get some smiles out of him though!

  After we drank some beers at home and played with the baby, we went to a late dinner at Smokey Oak – our favorite bbq place right by our house. 

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to go downtown to cheer Ryan on as he ran the Cooper River Bridge Run! He barely had time to train for it but totally completed it like a rockstar. Here’s a link to see coverage from the race go get a better understanding of what he did. It’s pretty amazing! 

We spent the rest of Saturday playing tour guides downtown. It was a little chilly but so much fun. I love any excuse to walk around downtown! 


Sunday morning was really chilly here but Ryan wanted to go walk on the beach so we bundled up. The wind was whipping so hard though that the swirling sand made it look like we were in the desert. We lasted about 5 minutes before we went home. 



Luckily it warmed up yesterday afternoon just in time for the Cajun Festival! We met our neighbors there and spent the afternoon eating jambalaya, crawfish and mini donuts. 



I wrapped up the weekend by doing some laundry last night. Emmett wasn’t much help…


Hope you had a fun weekend too! 

The Bunny Nightmares Are Made Of

This morning we got all dressed up to get our picture taken with the mall Easter Bunny. 


Unfortunately the mall Easter Bunny could not be more terrifying!! We still got the picture taken though because we felt kind of obligated to. He’s only going to have his first Easter once! Looking at this photo after the fact though, I think we really should have passed. 


 A couple observations on the mall Easter Bunnny experience:

1. Why has this rabbit costume not been updated since 1970?

2. If I tell Ryan how much this stupid picture cost, he might have a heart attack.

3. What makes the bunny extra creepy is that you know it is a grown man in that costume and he won’t say a word to you. Silent bunnies are terrifying!

4. I love how Emmett’s expression is “WTF?”

Until next year Easter Bunny! Or maybe not…

Best Friends…?

This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever. It was taken at Baby Louie’s house this weekend. 


Someone was having fun and someone wasn’t! So cute and funny! There was a lot of this going on too…


Louie and Emmett are going to get their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny at the mall together tomorrow.  Stay tuned to see who ends up crying in those photos! 

National Puppy Day! 

Doesn’t it seem like every day is “national something or other day”? National Pie Day, National Siblings Day, and now today is National Puppy Day. Kind of stupid but I love my puppies so much, I want to brag about them. Here’s some throwback pictures of Sam and Chance when they were puppies. 



Can you tell which one is which?

A lot of people have asked me how the boys do with the baby and I have nothing but good things to report! Our dog Sam (who isn’t as mild mannered as Chance) couldn’t be sweeter with Emmett. The first time Ryan introduced them, Sam was trying to be so gentle he was shaking. He loves to kiss Em on the head and smell him all over. While Sam is concerned any time Emmett cries, Chance could kind of care less which is totally the exact opposite of what would happen! 



I’m so thankful for my sweet babies! 

One Month

Our little baby Emmett James is one month old today! 

His favorite things include: smiling in his sleep, eating, sleeping on Daddy’s chest, being carried in the Ergo Baby at the beach and tummy time! 

You’ve certainly changed our lives in one fast month Em! We love you so much!