Weekend Recap

Hope you had a nice weekend! Ours started off with a pediatrician visit for Emmett on Friday morning. Since he is already back at his birthweight we graduated early and don’t have to go back until he’s two months old! We also talked to the pedi about getting him on a feeding schedule and it has drastically improved how much sleep we all get at night. It’s pretty awesome. Em celebrated by taking a nap when we got home.

Friday night we had some neighbors over for dinner. Ryan made those awesome shrimp and grits I’ve posted about before and everyone loved on our baby. Even though I was a little tired and sore, it was fun to break up our routine and have some other adult interaction.

On Saturday Becca come with us to check out the Food Truck Festival. It was a beautiful day out and it felt nice to be outside, but the festival itself was kind of lame. Super long lines for mediocre food and the live music was kind of goofy. We decided to go get some appetizers downtown instead which was a much better choice. Here we are in the parking lot, right after Em peed all over us while we were changing his diaper.

It was almost 70 degrees here yesterday so we went to the beach to soak up the vitamin D. The dogs were thrilled of course! We grabbed some tacos for lunch (Emmett’s third time at a restaurant since he’s been born haha) and headed home to get ready for the Oscars!

Kelly and Bec came over and we had a little Italian dinner while we watched the Red Carpet. I really liked NPH as a host but man, did that show get long! We’ve felt kind of guilty about the lack of attention our original boys have been getting this week so we broke my Cardinal rule and let them come inside and hang out with us. They had to stay on their dog bed though but I think that made them pretty happy.

If I ever say they can come on the couch though, slap me!

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