Baby Watch 2015

I’m still 4 days away from my due date, but to say that I’m anxious to meet this boy is an understatement! Every twinge of my tummy makes me think I’m in labor but so far nothin’!

The girls and I took advantage of the 70 degree weather today and went downtown to King Street for their 2nd Sunday event. They shut King Street down for traffic so there’s tons of people, musicians, dogs and babies roaming the street. So fun!

Today was also a lesson in what and what not to say to a pregnant lady (both happened to me):
“You look so beautiful! And you aren’t even swollen!”
“WHOA that girl’s pregnant!”
In the past couple days I have done the following to try to get this labor started:
1. Lots of walks
2. Spicy dinners
3. Dancing every time Uptown Funk comes on the radio
4. Bouncing on my exercise ball
5. And yesterday I ate an entire pineapple because I heard that helps

I know I should be patient and enjoy relaxing and sleeping. I’m trying, I’m trying! It’s funny how you can wait a whole 9 months but then the last week seems like torture!

3 thoughts on “Baby Watch 2015

  1. Showed Jay your picture, he said you look funny with a big tummy, but still pretty. Think that’s alittle of what and what not to say!

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