Weekend Recap

Happy rainy Monday morning to you! (well at least it’s raining here and I’m kind of loving it). How good was that game last night? I literally screamed at least 4 times – sorry to everyone else who was watching at our house. It’s not like I am even that big of a fan of either team, it was just so exciting! More on the Super Bowl in a sec….

It was such a beautiful weekend in Charleston! Friday afternoon I enjoyed the sun room with my babies. Sammy was so snuggly on my baby belly! I think he might have been kicked in the head a couple times but he didn’t seem to mind.


The rest of the weekend included dinner with Becca Friday night and a couple trips to the beach to try to walk this baby out and enjoy the sunshine of course! Did I mention it was 67 degrees here yesterday? The dogs love the beach more than anything. It’s so fun to see them surf the waves when they are going after the ball.

Okay, back to the Super Bowl. I loved the whole thing! The singing, the halftime show (with Ryan’s favorite Missy Misdemeanor Elliott!), the commercials, the game…oh and the abundance of food we made for 6 people, haha. Besides Becca and Kelly, we had a couple of our neighbors over to watch the game too. Makes sense that we made like 10 appetizers right?? We had bbq pulled pork in the crock pot, cheese dips, these taco pizza rolls that I’ll probably never make again, yummy dessert bars, and two of our ol’ standbys that are a hit every time.


Ryan’s Guac (inspired my dad’s recipe)
Ingredients are to taste, but here’s what we put in ours:

-Lime or lemon juice
-Roasted garlic
-Green Tabasco Sauce
-Red onion
-Salt and Pepper

IMG_5252 IMG_5251

7 Layer Greek Dip
The ingredients of this dip can be altered to suit your preferences as well. Here’s what we layered ours with this time, based on what we had at the house. The bottom layer should always be hummus, but the rest can be ordered however you like.

-Hummus (store bought)
-Black Olives
-Red Onion
-Dried Dill
-Homemade Tzatziki (here’s the recipe I used this time)

Serve with cut up pita or chips.

Is it lunchtime yet? I’m ready to eat our appetizer leftovers again…

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