Life at 36

We hit the 36 week mark today!


I had a great doctor’s appointment this morning and everything with this baby boy is looking good! Definitely more sore, definitely waddling – but for being this far along I’m pretty happy with how things are going. I usually only wake up once a night and can usually fall back asleep pretty quickly so I’m thankful for that. I guess we’re just playing a weird waiting game now…a game where you wait to pee your pants and experience the worst pain of your life. Any positive vibes you can send my way for a quick, easy delivery would be much appreciated!

Besides installing the car seat, we are as ready as we can be for this baby’s arrival. Everything else is set up, hospital bag is packed and we’re ready to go! I had my first true craving today on the way home from the doctor (like “I can’t wait one more second for this”) and it was for a fountain Coke and it was everything I could have hoped it would be. I’m running out of time before I deem 10am Cokes and breakfast brownies unacceptable, so I will give into these cravings any chance they appear for the time being.

The kid changing my oil in my car today said something along the lines of, “I totally give you props. If I was in your position, I wouldn’t be able to move.” Uhhh….thanks? I then went to the bank where they were totally complimentary and overly positive about how I look, in which I thought, “We are never switching banks”.

In non-baby news:

It’s been grey, rainy and chilly here all week. Luckily it looks like it’s going to warm up this weekend to around 60 and we’ll finally get some sunshine! Although these boys love snuggling, I think they are ready for some warmer weather.


Tonight is our first volunteering night with Chance and hospice patients in South Carolina. I think he’s ready to get back into it – he’s such a love bug! I really hope some day Sammy will be able to volunteer too. Right now he’s still got that chip on his shoulder, but I think he’s starting to grow out of it.

Lastly, it’s one of my favorite times of year for holiday candy! Whoop whoop!


Now if only I didn’t eat almost half the bag yesterday…oops.

One thought on “Life at 36

  1. Hey!:) My advice is to definitely enjoy the experience and take lots of pics along the way. There are so many emotions and “little moments” that can be forgotten while in the midst of it all, so pictures are priceless!:) You’ve got this:)

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