Christmas House

Happy Christmas Eve from our Christmas house!









It’s another quiet Christmas at our house this year. Traveling at 8 months pregnant just did not sound enjoyable so we opted to stay home again for the holidays. While Ryan’s been working today, I’ve been at home listening to my Pandora Christmas stations, drinking my favorite decaf Dunkin Donuts coffee and making these Peppermint Oreo Truffles. OMG.

They might be the best holiday treat ever because they are so sweet and rich that you really can only eat one (as opposed to the two cookies I’ve been scarfing down at a time).

Tonight we are grabbing sushi with our neighbors who are also family-less for Christmas which is turning in to a pretty fun tradition. Then I’ll probably snuggle my husband in front of the fire and watch a movie while he drinks delicious wine and I sip on sparkling cider. Quiet and cozy makes for a sweet Christmas Eve 🙂


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