Neighbor Holiday Gifts

We truly lucked out with our neighbors when we bought this house so I wanted to drop off a little something on their doorsteps to let them know how much we appreciate them! With all of our renovations the past couple months and 4 cars and a trailer parked out front, our place has been a little bit of an eyesore – these neighbors deserve a little gift for Christmas!

Here’s my gift Pinspiration:


And here’s what mine turned out like:



A couple changes I made to my version:

1. We obviously gave beer instead of root beer. That’s a no brainier. I went with holiday seasonal beer to make them extra Christmas-y.

2. I think a lot of people who shop at my local Walmart had the same idea I had because the craft section was fresh out of brown pipe cleaners and those little red pom poms, so I used black pipe cleaners and red buttons instead.

3. I started gluing on googley eyes on the bottles but they looked a little creepy so I ripped them off. Also, I only put the red nose on one bottle because there should only be one Rudolph, right?

Overall, a really easy and cute gift to DIY! I know I would be happy if I saw one of these on my front step (especially if I could drink one!)

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