Virtual Baby Shower

You already know I love pretty much everything about living in Charleston. I’m guessing that you already know too though that it’s hard to be going through this exciting time in my life (being pregnant) away from most of my friends and family. But this weekend, my sweet sweet sister and sister-in-law threw me a virtual baby shower so I could feel the baby love from my friends and family all over the country.

With the help of technology, I was still able to have a fun, beautiful baby shower for my boy and celebrate with the people I love. If you’ve never heard of a virtual shower, here’s how ours worked. There were two different versions of the invitation that were sent out: one for those living in Minnesota, and one for those who live every where else and would need to Skype in on their own. My sister-in-law in Minnesota hosted a shower for those that live there. They came over to her house for drinks and food and were able to Skype in using her computer that was hooked up to their big screen tv. My friends who live in Chicago, Atlanta, Columbus, and Florida that wanted to attend all Skyped in from their own homes. In Charleston, my sister ran the group Skype call and hooked her computer up to my TV so I could see all of the cute faces of my family and friends that were attending. It was surprisingly easy and while we had a few minor technology glitches, everyone was such good sports and we were able to have the shower pretty easily!  I opened presents and we were even able to play some games through Skype which was pretty amazing. If you have specific questions about the logistics of how this worked, let me know.

IMG_4879 IMG_4886

(This is a pretty unflattering picture – I blame a stretched out top, haha – but you can see how excited I was to see everyone’s faces!)

My sister locked me in my room before the shower started so she could set up. When I came out at the time of the shower I was totally BLOWN AWAY by the level of detail and thoughtfulness she put in to making Friday night feel like a “real” shower for me!

FullSizeRender (3) IMG_4877 IMG_4876 FullSizeRender (1)

The theme was “Baby It’s Cold Outside” so our menu consisted of potato soup, ham sandwiches, a snowman cheese ball and apple trees with swiss cheese snow. There was a hot chocolate bar and even a cake! She strung snowflakes, onesies, baby clothes, and little socks and diapers up with twine and clothes pins across our living room so everyone could see the decorations on their screens. It was just above and beyond what I was expecting – it couldn’t have been cuter!

Want to see the weirdest picture my sister and I have ever taken together?


The weeks leading up to the shower were so exciting because every day I would get packages on my door step! Here’s the pile of presents before and then after I ripped them all open.

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (4)

We are so lucky to have such generous family and friends! Besides getting almost everything we need for this little guy, we also were gifted some of the cutest baby outfits and super thoughtful and creative presents. I loved absolutely everything including this sweet hat that was brought back from Ireland for our little Irish boy and this onesie from my mom that is so special.

FullSizeRender (5) FullSizeRender (6)

My sister-in-law even made this cute diaper cake for me!


It was such a funny/fun/unconventional/sweet night that I am so thankful for! Thank you to all of my friends and family that sent something or Skyped in – and especially to my sister for making it so special for me here in Charleston!


PS: Here’s a picture of dad setting up the Rock N Play. He melts my heart when he gets excited about baby things.


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