A Weekend Recap in Pictures

We could not have crammed more into this weekend if we tried!

Friday night was a Christmas movie marathon night. On the docket was Love Actually, A Muppet Family Christmas, (a Scholz must-watch for the holiday season), and White Christmas.

Saturday morning I was feeling muffin-y so I whipped up some mixed berry muffins using my go-to-McCleary Approved recipe.
After breakfast we headed consignment furniture shopping for Bec and Kelly’s new townhouse. We had a ton of luck and got them almost everything they need!

After lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant and moving their furniture in, we went to pick out our Christmas tree. We stopped at this cute tree stand…


But after hearing their prices, bought our tree here:


We spent the rest of the night stringing up lights outside and decorating our tree. Ryan specifically requested tinsel this year and expertly placed each strand 🙂


This morning Ryan and I went to brunch and took the dogs on a chilly walk at the beach. I did some more decorating (which I’ll post about this week) and then the girls and I headed downtown for the Charleston Christmas parade. So cute and fun!



When we came home we started our Christmas baking (coconut macaroons, sugar cookies, Andes Mint cookies and toffee) and warmed up with this sausage, potato and spinach soup:


PS: If you aren’t decorating your sugar cookies with red hots, you’re doing it wrong.


PPS: I’m feeling too lazy to link up the recipes in this post so if you want any of them, post a comment and I’ll reply with the link. Have a great week!

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