14 of ’14

I know everyone says this, but can you believe that tomorrow is January 1st, 2015? This year flew by – probably because we had so many exciting changes happening in our little lives! In continuation of the tradition from last year I wanted to reflect on 14 of our biggest moments from 2014.

1. Our year started with a February road trip through Nashville, down to Clearwater and back up to Charleston.


2. Enjoying early spring in Columbus at all of our favorite restaurants and checking off our Columbus bucket-list before the big move. Here we are at a Columbus Clippers game.


3. Saying goodbye to our friends and Columbus at our going away party!

FullSizeRender (7)

4. Making the move down to Charleston with our gigantic trailer packed full of our lives.


5. We didn’t have a place to live right away when we got to Charleston but we sure had a boat! This is a picture of Pearl May’s maiden voyage.

IMG_3228 (1)

6. Road trip to Minnesota to spend the week at Breezy Point with my family, throw my sister-in-law Heidi a bridal shower, celebrate Bill and Kelly’s wedding and spend 4th of July with our friends and family. This was also the week we found out we were expecting! We’re holding a big secret in this photo from the 4th of July!


7. Big brothers Sam and Chance were excited to announce the news that they’ll be getting another brother!


8. We bought and totally remodeled our house in Charleston and couldn’t love it or our neighborhood more!


9. Over Labor Day we visited our friends Josh and Kelly in Juneau, Alaska.


10. We drove to Minnesota again, but this time for Heidi and Eric’s wedding up in Lutsen!


11. My parents came to visit for their 30th wedding anniversary in October.


12. Virtual baby shower for our baby boy!


13.Thanksgiving in Alabama


14. Christmas Eve Sushi Night in Charleston


2014 was a bigger year then I ever could have imagined filled with so much change, fun, travel, family, and lots of love for our happy life! Looking back on 2014 with gratitude and looking forward to 2015 with excitement!

Pregnancy Math

My sister reported back from her Christmas trip home to Minnesota that there were some rumblings in the family about how I could be 8 months pregnant already if I’m due in February… 🙂 I’m just going by the emails I get people! But for further explanation, here’s how the Medical Dictionary explains it:

“Pregnancy lasts approximately 266 days, or 38 weeks from the day of fertilization, but is considered clinically to last 280 days, or 40 weeks, or 10 lunar months, or 9⅓ calendar months from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP).”

Make sense? Kind of? Just go with it. This baby is going to be here before we know it!

Christmas House

Happy Christmas Eve from our Christmas house!









It’s another quiet Christmas at our house this year. Traveling at 8 months pregnant just did not sound enjoyable so we opted to stay home again for the holidays. While Ryan’s been working today, I’ve been at home listening to my Pandora Christmas stations, drinking my favorite decaf Dunkin Donuts coffee and making these Peppermint Oreo Truffles. OMG.

They might be the best holiday treat ever because they are so sweet and rich that you really can only eat one (as opposed to the two cookies I’ve been scarfing down at a time).

Tonight we are grabbing sushi with our neighbors who are also family-less for Christmas which is turning in to a pretty fun tradition. Then I’ll probably snuggle my husband in front of the fire and watch a movie while he drinks delicious wine and I sip on sparkling cider. Quiet and cozy makes for a sweet Christmas Eve 🙂


Lost Dogs

If you know Folly Beach, then you probably know the Lost Dog Cafe. Super cute little beach restaurant with delicious food and pictures of dogs plastered all over the walls.

After our first visit, I knew I had to get my boys on the wall of fame. Ta-da! They even got a prime location right next to the bathroom line for maximum viewing.


Just another brush with fame for our favorite lost dogs! I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t go to their big bulldog heads…

Neighbor Holiday Gifts

We truly lucked out with our neighbors when we bought this house so I wanted to drop off a little something on their doorsteps to let them know how much we appreciate them! With all of our renovations the past couple months and 4 cars and a trailer parked out front, our place has been a little bit of an eyesore – these neighbors deserve a little gift for Christmas!

Here’s my gift Pinspiration:


And here’s what mine turned out like:



A couple changes I made to my version:

1. We obviously gave beer instead of root beer. That’s a no brainier. I went with holiday seasonal beer to make them extra Christmas-y.

2. I think a lot of people who shop at my local Walmart had the same idea I had because the craft section was fresh out of brown pipe cleaners and those little red pom poms, so I used black pipe cleaners and red buttons instead.

3. I started gluing on googley eyes on the bottles but they looked a little creepy so I ripped them off. Also, I only put the red nose on one bottle because there should only be one Rudolph, right?

Overall, a really easy and cute gift to DIY! I know I would be happy if I saw one of these on my front step (especially if I could drink one!)

8 Months

Holy moly – today marks 8 months of being pregnant. Scary, exciting, and everything in between!


I’m still really feeling great which I’m super thankful for. A little sore and I think I’m starting to waddle a little but other then that I feel good! Oh, I’m also starting to feel huge but I’m guessing that’s pretty normal, haha. This weekend I think I might try to get the nursery all put together! It’s looking pretty dang cute so far and I’m excited to get organized. Can’t wait to show you how it looks when I’m finished!