This is 29

Your birthday is the day when you try to eat as much as humanly possible, right? If so, mission accomplished! 29 doesn’t feel half bad. In fact it feels great. Couldn’t be more thankful for a husband who gave me the most perfect birthday card, the baby kicking my belly all day, and super sweet family and friends for the birthday love today.

Wild Rice Soup

It’s official. My blood has thinned and I’m a big baby about the cold. It’s 60 degrees in our house right now and I have been physically shivering for the last couple of hours at my computer.


You know what saved me though? Leftover Chicken Wild Rice Soup from our dinner last night!


While the girls and I were eating pretty terrible fried food and listening to the Swon Brothers at the Coastal Carolina Fair last night, Ryan was whipping this soup up for us. Just the perfect thing when you’ve been freezing sitting on ice cold bleachers in the dark outside for the past couple of hours!

I’m not sure what it is about this soup – the white wine that gives it extra depth, the rotisserie chicken that melts in your mouth, or maybe it’s the fact that you don’t use any heavy cream so the level of guilt you experience while slurping is diminished. Whatever it is, this recipe is a keeper and I’m going to keep eating it all week until I can finally warm up!


Hope you had a fun Halloween! We had a really great night of decorating our yard, handing out candy, and having our neighbors over for a “Trick-or Treat After Party”! A couple notes about Halloween in Charleston:

1. The weather is PERFECT for costumes! We grew up wearing snowsuits under our costumes and freezing our butts off in the chilly Minnesota fall, but last night kids were actually able to wear their costumes normally. Pretty awesome.

2. Turns out you cannot carve your pumpkins in advance here. We waited until last Sunday to carve our pumpkins and within 3 days our pumpkins started to mold! Here’s what they looked like on the night we carved them:


So cute right? But we had to throw them away before Halloween because they were disgusting. Wah wah. Instead we decorated our front porch with a luminary walkway, glow in the dark spider webs, and a flying bat.


We didn’t have as many trick-or-treaters as we thought, but the ones we did have were just the cutest! Apparently, there are some really good candy neighborhoods nearby that everyone goes to so our street was pretty quiet. Hopefully that changes as our kids grow up!

The girls were snowmen…


And we were a farmer, his cows, and his prize-winning pot bellied pig!

IMG_4544 IMG_4547 IMG_4546 FullSizeRender (1) - Edited

We kept the appetizers at the party pretty simple, but there were two recipes that we made that I wanted to share with you that were just delish:

Twisted Pizza Bread Sticks

Carmelized Kielbasa Bites

This little six-month pregnant piggy stayed up with the group until 3am last night so today is going to be full of naps and doing a whole bunch of nothing!