Wild Rice Soup

It’s official. My blood has thinned and I’m a big baby about the cold. It’s 60 degrees in our house right now and I have been physically shivering for the last couple of hours at my computer.


You know what saved me though? Leftover Chicken Wild Rice Soup from our dinner last night!


While the girls and I were eating pretty terrible fried food and listening to the Swon Brothers at the Coastal Carolina Fair last night, Ryan was whipping this soup up for us. Just the perfect thing when you’ve been freezing sitting on ice cold bleachers in the dark outside for the past couple of hours!

I’m not sure what it is about this soup – the white wine that gives it extra depth, the rotisserie chicken that melts in your mouth, or maybe it’s the fact that you don’t use any heavy cream so the level of guilt you experience while slurping is diminished. Whatever it is, this recipe is a keeper and I’m going to keep eating it all week until I can finally warm up!

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