24th Birthday

The great thing about yesterday was being able to celebrate my sister Becca’s 24th birthday with her. The very best thing though is that Becca and her friend Kelly moved down here this week to live for good!! They are staying with us until they find jobs and a place of their own and so far it’s been super fun having them around. Here’s how we celebrated by sweet, funny sister yesterday:

With a breakfast of Ryan’s scrambled eggs, fruit salad, mimosas for the girls, and these cute birthday donuts!



We then hit the Johns Island Farmers Market for a quick stroll and then the incredible Angel Oak Tree for some birthday photo opps:




Next up was a trip to the Irvin-House Vinyards and Firefly Distillery . The grounds of this place were just picture-perfect cute and the girls were able to taste a ton of different kinds of wine, moonshine, vodka, rum and liquor. So much fun even for someone who wasn’t able to taste anything!





Lunch at JB’s Smokeshack, dinner at Hominy Grill and funfetti angel food cake for dessert at home and her birthday was complete:


Here’s hoping to many more birthdays to celebrate with my sister in Charleston! Happy birthday Bec! I love you so much!

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