I think I’ve mentioned before how I’m big on traditions, especially Ryan and I starting our own traditions for our little family. For our first wedding anniversary we decided that every year we would go hiking and eat German food to remember our honeymoon in Germany (we hiked in the Black Forest on that trip).

Yesterday, we switched things up a little. We bought these his and hers fishing kayaks this week so of course we had to go test them out!

We had the most amazing day catching fish with the water to ourselves except for the baby dolphin swimming with his mom right next to our boats. Nerd alert: I forgot to take my life jacket off for the pic:

When we lived in German Village, awesome German food was literally steps from our house. In Charleston, there is ONE German restaurant and it’s a German-Southern fusion restaurant, haha. The Bay St. Biergarten was a really cool space that almost looked like Munich, even if the food didn’t really taste like it.

By the way, who told these kids they were old enough to get married?


Maybe one day we’ll go back to Germany celebrate our 20th anniversary!

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