Promote What You Love: The FlipBelt

For probably the last year, I have secretly been hoping that fanny packs would make a comeback. Sure they are super nerdy, but they are handy as hell! You don’t always want to lug around your big purse to the amusement park or take a giant backpack when you go hiking. My mom’s fanny pack growing up was always stuffed with her essentials: kleenex and carmex (at least that’s how I remember it!) My problem recently was trying to take two big dogs for a walk, while finding a spot for my keys and my phone. Enter: The FlipBelt!


Of course I found out about The Flip Belt through Pinterest and at less than $30, it seemed like a stylish fannypack-type invention that would make my dog walking a lot easier! So I ordered it. 


Basically how it works is that you wear it around your waist like a belt (duh) and you slip your personal items into the slots. I’m not sure if this is right, but I flip my belt over so the slots are on the inside to ensure that nothing falls out. The slots are big enough to fit iphones in and I’ve never been worried about anything falling out. Pretty genius if you ask me! I ordered a size small, but I wish I would have ordered one size up. It’s pretty snug, which is good, but I think a medium would be a little more comfortable. Overall I totally love it and absolutely recommend it!



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