Before and After: Porch Reveal (aka: the dog room)

One of our favorite parts of our house when we bought it was the fact that it had an enclosed porch off the back. We knew that this room would be perfect for the dog room – a comfortable place for the boys that we would want to hang out in too, all while keeping their dog hair and dirt out of the main house.

Here’s what the porch looked like when we bought it:




There wasn’t a ton we needed to do to make it ready for dogs. The only renovations we made was to rip out the carpet, install some big economical tiles and replace the ceiling fan with a larger version that would circulate more air. Oh and of course we added a doggie door so the boys can go in and out as they please.


We bought durable furniture from consignment stores and Craigslist that we didn’t care if the dogs jumped on (it is their room after all!) but that we would want to hang out on too. We put a cool antique table in there that Ryan found so we can play cards out there on cool nights. We made sure to leave them room for their activities too 🙂



I’m trying to keep all of their stuff organized so I put their treats in this cute jar. Their food is in a large garbage bin, their toys are in a cute durable basket from Target and their leashes are on hooks I installed.


But my favorite part of the dog room? Hands down, this hysterical picture of Sam and Chance that I blew up at Kinkos.


This is a black and white engineer print that cost $11 and brings me way more than $11 of happiness every time I look at it. By the way, we didn’t pose them like this. They are just natural bulldog models!

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